Monday, March 19, 2018

Remember when...

Thanks to a couple of our long returning guests, I some some new (old) photos of how camp look way back when. Funny how things look so much different...and yet, how Black Bear still looks like Black Bear.

These first group of pictures are from 1995.

The new Main Lodge the year it first opened 

The old outhouse. We just took it down 2 years ago.

The old Main Lodge stilling looking good. 21 years later it was removed.
It was built somewhere around the early 1940's I believe,
Maybe even the late 1930's.
Lots of memories for me personally when I look at this picture.
 It was sad to lose this building.

One of the original guest cabins. This is still standing today. We call it Old 2.
It may not be around too much long though. There are only 2 original guest cabins
left, and they are slowly fading away. 

TeePee that was build for fun one summer. Lots of memories from this one!

Tony with a fantastic Lake Trout! 

This was a common sight for those fisherman who targeted Lakers back then.
This was before the trout misterioysly started having trouble spawning in Red Lake. 

One of the Markshausen's black Newfoundlands. Often mistaken as a black bear
for any camper not paying attention when heading to the outhouse at night.

This next group of photos are from 1971...

This is the generator house that later became the fish cleaning house
and is being used as the minnow/bait house.

A view of how camp looked along the lake. Not a whole lot different really!

A great black and white !!
 Merv Millers old dog, not sure who the boy is??

The original outhouse I believe. I never saw the view before!!

One of the original guest cabins.

This was the original main dock that was located right in front of camp.
You can see the Old Main Lodge in the background and the old water tower
just to the left of it. 
On a calm day, you can look into the water and still see parts of the old cribbing
that supported this dock. In 1985 (my first year up), we spent a few nights sleeping
out on this dock star gazing and watching the northern lights and listening to the loons.

Not sure who the boy is? But, that is the old water tower in the background.
The cabin to the right no long stands. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Thanks and I need your help...

Thanks to all of you who showed up at the Tinley Park Sports show. Jillian went on and on about how great it was to see so many of our friends. I was hoping to join her this year but our crazy schedule just would not allow it. Next year!! It is always after this show that our excitement for getting back up to camp really goes to another level. Only 2 more months for us!!! Lots to do before then, however.

We still have a few openings for this summer, so if you have not locked in your week, please contact us anytime. Also, if you know of anyone who might be interested in our type of "fun", please pass our contact info along to them.

Finally, I need some help...I would like to put together another Black Bear Lodge photo book (similar to the one we sell at camp). This new one, however, I want to be about the history of Black Bear Lodge...when/how it was built, who were the previous owners, what the conditions were like, ect.
I am looking for any old  pictures of how the camp used to look back in the day, or any info regarding  how the camp was run or even how the fishing was years ago compared to now.

Here is an example: I personally have talked to a couple of guests who drove the HWY 105 road right after it was opened. It was ALL gravel from Dryden to Red Lake! The camp itself was built some where around the early 1940's and Black Bear Lodge (as we know it) was established in 1950. There have been at least 4 (maybe 5) different owners. I am pretty confident that fishing has always been great.

You can email any pictures or information to us at
If the photos are not in digital form, you can take a non-glare picture of them with your camera or phone and then email or text them to me. Thanks!

This is what the original fish cleaning house looked like many years ago!
Not sure about the year this was taken (around 1977)??

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sportshow Weekend

This weekend (Feb 10-11th) we will be at the Tinley Park Fishing Show. The show is Saturday and Sunday, open from 9am-5pm. It is a fantastic show that is now in its 25th year. Tickets are only $6 for adults, $5 for seniors, $4 for youths(6-13), and under 6 are free. You can get more show info from their website .  Come see Jillian and lets start talking about next summer...and maybe relive some past memories or 2...or 20.

Also, if you have any great stories, pictures or want to send a quick testimonial that we can share at the show, we would appreciate it. Email them to us at

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

new updates to Biggest Fish of 2017 pages

I have added our top fish of 2017 to the biggest fish pages. Seeing the lists and pics altogether really shows how good the fishing was last season, and how healthy the fishery is on Red Lake. If you do not see your picture on there and your name is on the list please send me a copy and I will add it the Blog.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Great fishing in 2017

With consistent weather and years of practicing better catch and release practices, 2017 saw some pretty awesome fishing. I have not organized all of the pics yet, but I will do my best to add them to the "biggest fish" pages for 2017 as I come across them. Feel free to send me any pictures you have if you see your name on the list.

So how good was last season? Here is a quick recap of our "Big Fish Wall" ...

                         Total                  Largest    
Lake Trout -      126                  40 inches
Muskie -              5                    45 inches
Burbot -              12                   30 inches
40in+ Pike -        26                   47 inches
25in+ Walleye - 177                  30 inches
10in+ Perch -      36                   12.25 inches

Jen Anderson with biggest pike of 2017 - 47 inches.

Notice our camp in the back ground!?

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Finally Back!!

Sorry for the LONG delay in updating this blog. Finishing up the season with bear hunters, great fishing, closing up camp, saying goodbye to Red Lake friends, and crashing back into the "real world" does not help with me keeping this blog updated. Once we get back to the States it is a world wind of activities and playing catch up with friends and family. Not to mention heading straight back to work and getting the house back into order. Deer hunting season does not help either (that is my time). Then, once the blog is off my radar, I forget to do my Black Bear duties...sorry folks. Well enough with the excuses...lets talk Black Bear Lodge...

In a quick summary, this was the best year for walleye fishing in 10 years. The last few weeks were no exception, as the family and I would go out most nights after working all day and it was nothing to catch 50 fish. Does not help us get our camp chores done, but, you can't pass up fishing like that, right?! I hope to post the results of our Big Fish Wall  along with the biggest fish of 2017 very soon.

Bear hunting did not have the same success as the fishing, unfortunately. I believe I posted the Spring Hunt results already. The Fall Hunt was a tough one. We only had 2 hunters but I had to work hard to get them on bears. Both hunters saw bears, but only one of the hunters shot a bear. The weather was great and the berries were thick, 2 things that make early fall hunting difficult. The cams showed good bears on many of the sites, unfortunately lots of activity during non-hunting hours. Guess thats why they call it hunting and not shooting.

As for the family, the kids enjoyed another fun-filled season of activities and adventures. They are at a fun age where they can start expanding their boundaries and their creativity. Thanks to everyone who helped indulge their playfulness. They just asked me the other day, "Dad, when are we going back to camp? We really like it there."
I will try to get some fun family pics up for you soon.

Guests and Weather were both amazing! Aside from a few good storms and some stretches of drought, the weather this past season was near perfect. Lots of sun and and just enough wind to keep fishing consistent. Don't forget many cool nights for porch sitting and campfires.
As for our guests, Jillian and I both agreed that this was our favorite year so far. We had so much fun hanging out with our Black Bear Family. Every week we would comment how, "that group was so much fun...I wish they could stay 2 weeks!" or "I can not believe how fast that week went by."
I can not thank you all enough for bringing so much fun and love to our camp and our family.

Like my kids, Jillian and I are also looking forward to getting back to camp soon. But, since we still have a few months left, I will try to keep this blog rolling to keep everyone's "juices flowing" with good Black Bear Lodge thoughts and memories.

"I really should be updating the Blog right now".

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Back after 2 weeks...

Sorry for the long delay, but things are rolling around here. Plus, we have had 2 great weeks of fishing and guests that have completely distracted me from many of my camp duties, including updates to the blog. But, here we go with an attempt to summarize the last 2 weeks... is amazing and we have the greatest guests ever! The End

Here is a good example of the crazy number of eater sized walleyes we have been  seeing all year.
Shore lunch anyone??

Catching walleyes can be so exhausting.

In case you need more detail than that, here is a bit more...

After having our first ever week off (which we thoroughly enjoyed), we crashed back to reality with a week of 40 guests. Luckily for us they were all super great people. Many regulars along with the Sheboygan Falls High School group and a few new guest as well. It was a great week!! The fishing was great as well. As it has been most of the season, lots and lots of walleyes with a few more big pike to add to the fish wall. I will let the pictures do all of the talking.